Tarendra Lakhankar

Snow Remote Sensing

Since 2010, the CUNY-Snow Analysis and Field Experiment (CUNY-SAFE) is conducted each winter. This experiment builds on earlier studies by extending over the full winter season instead of only one or a few days, thus allowing processes of snowpack accumulation, metamorphism, and melting – and their impacts on microwave emissivity – to be observed sequentially at the same site. The objective of this long term field experiment is to characterize the behavior of snow-emitted microwave radiation throughout the winter season. The experiment examines and interprets the effect of snowpack temperature (related to dry and wet snow conditions) on the microwave brightness temperature. The continuation of long-term observations of in situ snow properties combined with microwave radiances will facilitate the assessment of current snow retrieval algorithms and their capability to infer snow properties under different meteorological conditions. https://www.cessrst.org/snow/

Using drone technology for Snow monitoring

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