Tarendra Lakhankar

On April 30, 2015, a powerful earthquake shook Nepal, causing widespread destruction and loss of life. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale and affected several research sites hosted weather stations in the villages of Dhading and Syngja districts. In response to this devastating earthquake, Dr. Tarendra Lakhankar took the initiative with his friends and family in the United States to raise funds and purchase relief material from India (Kanpur) to provide aid to the affected communities.

Dr. Lakhankar and his team planned to direct their help to the people in villages that hosted their weather station and research demonstration site in Dhading district, as well as the neighboring Gorkha district, which was close to the epicenter and suffered significant destruction. As most of the relief support material received in Kathmandu and moved slowly to remote villages, Dr. Lakhankar and his team enrooted their relief material through India/Nepal Sunauli border, which was easier to reach these areas. Their local project team members collected the material at the border and distributed it to the above-mentioned villages.

Dr. Lakhankar’s efforts to provide relief to the affected communities in Nepal were featured in several media outlets, including CUNY Matters and the Colorado State University news. His contributions in providing aid to the affected communities were significant and demonstrated his commitment to using his expertise and resources to help those in need.

In addition to his relief efforts, Dr. Lakhankar has also been involved in several research and educational activities in Nepal, conducting consultative meetings with stakeholders to discuss local livestock and agriculture issues due to changing climate and steps to be taken for mitigation, adaptation, and building economic opportunities. Dr. Lakhankar’s work in Nepal reflects his dedication to using his expertise and resources to make a positive impact on the lives of people in the region.

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