Tarendra Lakhankar

RIWI – Digital Tools Module

Students will work with in-demand digital tools used for spatial information and analytics, including Excel and Mapping using Google Earth. They will engage in team-based project activities to develop essential communication, problem-solving, and digital literacy skills.

Microsoft Excel: This comprehensive Excel training covers vital aspects for effective data management and analysis. It includes formatting cells and text, utilizing essential formulas (e.g., SUM, AVERAGE) and functions, sorting and filtering data, creating diverse charts and graphs, applying conditional formatting, mastering PivotTables for large dataset analysis, and utilizing line charts for trend forecasting. By mastering these components, you’ll enhance your Excel proficiency, enabling you to make data-driven decisions more efficiently.

Google Earth Mapping: Students will embark on a virtual global journey with the Google Earth Mapping module. In this module, they will master the art of digital cartography using Google Earth’s robust toolkit. They will discover how to navigate the globe seamlessly, entering coordinates and addresses to explore the Earth’s nooks and crannies. Students will learn to create personalized maps, adding locations and layers to chart everything from their dream travel destinations to significant historical sites. As they progress, the course will cover the intricacies of data overlay, spatial analysis, and geographical storytelling. It will culminate in a class project where each student presents their custom Google Earth tour, complete with annotations, images, and terrain analysis they have added themselves. Get ready to unlock the power of this cutting-edge technology, enhancing not only your geographic awareness but also your ability to communicate complex spatial information in an engaging, interactive format.

Lectures/Modules Slides Sample Data and Assignments Step by Step Instruction
Module 1: Introduction to Excel (Statistics and Data Plotting) Excel Exercise Data Download See the presentation slides
Module 2: Google Earth Mapping Follow the instructor’s instruction Google Earth Exercise – Instruction

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