Tarendra Lakhankar

Dr. Tarendra Lakhankar CCNY President's S.T.A.R. Award
Scaling New Heights: Tarendra’s Journey to Everest Base Camp
NASA Remote Sensing Field Campaign at Harvard Forest, MA
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Snow Research Collaboration with National Weather Services, Caribou Maine
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Research Collaboration meeting in Argentina with CCNY Delegation
Nepal Erthquake Relief Effort
Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort in Research Study Area
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Dr. Lakhankar has led and coordinated various research projects that have contributed to the NOAA and NASA’s satellite remote sensing missions in water prediction and ecosystem services research. Dr. Tarendra Lakhankar has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by designing and leading several major field campaign sites. These include the Snow-SAFE site in Caribou, ME, the Soil Moisture Field Campaign at CUNY-SMART in Millbrook, NY, and the NYC-Urban HydroMet Testbed project. The NYC-Urban HydroMet Testbed involved installing 21 weather stations in key research and educational outreach locations across New York City, including public schools, botanical gardens, and community colleges. These projects have provided valuable data for research, improved the accuracy of weather and water predictions, and increased public awareness of environmental issues. These projects have resulted in successful outcomes and publications in top-tier journals. Dr. Lakhankar has also served as a mentor and supervisor to numerous undergraduate and graduate research students. He has successfully organized research meetings and conferences, led grants and professional development seminars, and provided mentoring, advising, and outreach activities. His dedication and service to the City College of New York were recognized with the S.T.A.R. Award in 2022.

Using drone technology for Snow monitoring

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