Tarendra Lakhankar

New York City-Urban Hydro-meteorological Testbed (NY-uHMT)

Dr. Lakhankar is Principal Investigator of the NYC urban Hydrometeorological Testbed (NY-uHMT) is one of a kind dense urban network anywhere in the world. The network will consist of 20 autonomous weather stations that will monitor both meteorological and hydrological state to understand the complex land-atmosphere interactions over urban areas. This project result in applications that will improve weather/climate forecasting and prediction, aid emergency response and critical decision-making. The in-situ data will be available in near real-time (every 15 minutes).  The in-situ data will be merge with NWS RADAR precipitation to create high-resolution temperature and precipitation product for NY City.  The developed product will be used accelerate the development and fusion of new observing data, modeling methods, and recent scientific research for developing effort on key hydrological and meteorological forecast issues (http://noaacrest.org/uhmt/).

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