Tarendra Lakhankar

Introduction to GIS

In this class, you will learn about the basic principles of maps, their specialized contents, and how to create these maps. The class will also address approaches to map projections, reference systems, and where to find locations. The class will introduce you to basic objects such as points, lines, and polygons in addition to features and ways to organize these in classes. It will also cover principles of geographic information systems, learn about spatial analysis, and how to represent data via data models such as raster and vector formats in addition to store and organize data in a geo-database. You will get hands on experience in using GIS software and acquire basic skills to insert, create, and extract data from different sources in addition to manipulating these in the GIS environment. 4 hr/wk; one 2.0-hour lecture; one 2.0-hour Lab, 3 cr.

30% – Final Exam
10% – Mid-Term
05% – Attendance and participation
25% – Assignments and Homework
30% – Final Project
100% – TOTAL

Date Lectures Activities (Lab and Research Project) Assignments / Homework
5 Feb 2020 Lecture 1: Introduction and Application of GIS Introduction to ArcMap: Basic Operations ( Lab data)
12 Feb 2020 College Closed (Lincoln’s Birthday)
19 Feb 2020 Lecture 2: Introduction to Maps Chapter 3-4 (Understanding Maps and Data)
26 Feb 2020 Lecture 3: GIS Data Models Chapter 5-6 (Projection and Coordinate Systems) Assignment 1 (Global Map)
4 Mar 2020 Lecture 4: Coordinate Systems & Map Projections Chapter 7-8 (Symbology and Feature Classifications) Assignment 2 (US Map)
11 Mar 2020 Lecture 5: GIS and Databases Basics & Research Project Selection Chapter 9-10 (Labeling, Map Layout, Export) Homework 1
18 Mar 2020 No Lecture: College Closed (Covid19)
25 Mar 2020 Lecture 6: GIS Data Source and Quality Chapter 11-12 (Geodatabase, Creating feature)
1 Apr 2020 No Lecture- CUNY Recalibration Period
7 Apr 2020* Lecture 7: Spatial Interpolation and Statistics Chapter 13-14 (Editing Feature and Geocoding) Assignment 3 (Point Map)
15 Apr 2020 Lecture 8: Remote Sensing Chapter 15-17 (Data Query and Selection, Join and Relate) Assignment 4 (Digitizing CCNY Campus)
22 Apr 2020 Lecture 9: Raster Analysis Chapter 18-19 (Data Analysis) Homework 2
29 Apr 2020 Lecture 10: Global Positioning System (GPS) Project Research Homework 3
6 May 2020 Lecture 11: New Development in GIS Project Research
13 May 2020 Review of All Lectures and Final Examination Project Research
20 May 2020 Final Examination Group Research Project Presentation

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