Tarendra Lakhankar

Snow Remote Sensing

Dr. Tarendra Lakhankar has led the CUNY Snow Analysis and Field Experiment (CUNY-SAFE) at Caribou Municipal Airport, ME, since 2010. This location, with a humid continental climate and an
average snowfall of 116 inches, is perfect for studying snow. The experiment, equipped with advanced sensors and cameras, gathers extensive weather, radiation, and microwave emissions data. The research focuses on understanding microwave interactions with snow, aiming to enhance snow cover and water equivalent estimation techniques and develop methods for assessing snow depth and moisture using microwave radiometry. It also explores how snow moisture affects microwave emissions, involving different snowpack stages and remote sensing models like SNTHERM. The project contributes to satellite-based snow property retrieval methods, field training for students, and testing innovative instruments, enhancing knowledge of snow properties and their environmental impact. It’s notably supported by four doctoral students’ work installing equipment and data for snow modeling, leading to international journal publications, and training several master’s and undergraduate students, advancing academic and practical experience in snow research.  https://crest.cuny.edu/snow/

Using drone technology for Snow monitoring

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